Surfmachine ELITE

The SurfMachine Elite (cost be damned, the best possible carbon fiber surf fishing pole money can buy)!

The SurfMachine Elite is the highest performance in surf fishing rods today.

This rod is refined, yet rugged, it handles like the "supercar" of fishing rods. It is supple, forgiving, and sensitive enough to fish finesse baits while never giving a feeling of being undergunned when it comes to large game.

 Featuring amazingly slim butt diameters while not sacrificing recovery or bottom end power.

Textreme spread toe outer, (carbon armor) specially hardened cillia resins, Autoclave Processing, and Graphene fibers make for the longest lasting most fracture resistant carbon available.

 TTS aids in the efficiency of the SME, This is Total Torsional Stability. TTS is a incredibly complex winding of carbon fibers that produces a zero torsional load or side to side load during compression and recovery of the rod. Even with high frame guides. This is a big part of the of the SME performance package, coupled with the durability and recovery enhancing power of Graphene added to the matrix... These rods are unparalleled in performance sensitivity and durability! When you feel like second best is a waste of your time... This is the rod for you.