Sling Shot 11' 30/70 3-7oz

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Sling Shot  11'30/70 3-7oz


Century fishing rod Dubbed the “Canal Special,” by the Century Pro Staff, the 1328 is engineered to throw big jigs and plugs in the Cape Cod Canal, but also makes a great light heaver, with the ability to heave up to 7 ounces – plus bait. It’s excellent for big pikes and big poppers, but don’t shortchange the 1328’s ability to throw light stuff too. It throws SP minnows, loaded redfins and 4 ounce pencils with ease and has a tip soft enough to allow the angler to feel every pulse of the plug. Throw a 4 ounce pencil, then switch it up to a light swimmer. Not only will the angler experience the trusted Century casting power, they’ll find a rod with a backbone that turns fish with unreal power.