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Toggie Style

protoggerfishingrod.jpgThe Weapon
The Century “Weapon” was designed as the ultimate inshore rod. A true one and done for inshore/near shore fishing.
This rod has all of our top materials applied to it. Anti twist technoology, Nono cilia fiber resin, Graphine, S-2 Glass, and topped off with a Textreme outer shell.
This rod will do it all!
Slow pitch, jig, live/natural bait, top water, pop’n, crank baits, soft plastics and pretty much anything else an angler can think of. This rod has the power to lift heavy fish off the bottom while having a sensitive enough tip to present a live crab with pinpoint accuracy to the most finicky permit, yet rugged enough for jetty or kayak fishing.
The only “Weapon” you will need in your inshore/near shore quiver!

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