Carbon Metal SRE (Sea River Estuary)

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Century spent over a year working with Danny Moeskops - World Casting Champion and a leading Continental sea angler - designing Carbon Metal SRE. Available in two lengths 5.00m and 4.60m - it is a well thought out improvement of an existing principal - originally favoured by continental anglers.

Century Carbon Metals have established an outstanding track record with sea anglers and although these SRE's are a departure from OTG and Pendulum style casting rods - the distances available to overhead casters is substantial. Danny Moeskops has introduced several innovative ultra high modulus carbon fibre "accelerators" into the design to give high tip speed without the need to pre compress the tip before releasing energy stored in the butt. The bite detection from little rattles by small flatfish and slack liner bites are more than obvious. The rod forms a perfect C curve when under compression.

The 3 section SRE is for lighter fishing conditions and clearly does not have the huge hauling capability of the big Kompressors. This is reflected in the recommended line sizes of 6lb to 8lb or heavy lines (12 - 20lb) when using lighter snoods.

Variable reel positions on the butt are available using the Century winch fitting with SS Coaster. Light and easy to use at 5.00m and also available at 4.60m for less powerful casters. The 4.60m SRE has staggered butt and same middle and tip as 5.00m.



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